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I am Kanthi Yalamanchili founder and CEO of Holor. In this first blog I want to share a little background into why I started Holor.

Having volunteered at non-profit organizations and hearing about numerous incidents of brutal assaults, rapes, abductions of women, college students and kids not only made my heart wrench, but also made me realize that nothing should be taken for granted. Especially, when it comes to family and personal safety. Hence I started looking into home and personal security devices for protection of my family and me.

During the vigorous online research I found that home security devices have evolved over the years and are currently very efficient(with wireless sensors, cameras etc) and trustworthy. On the other hand, with personal protection devices(PPDs) I found that most of the popular and widely used devices(i.e.,Mace, pepper spray, tazer etc) have been invented in the early 1900’s. These devices have not evolved much except for some cosmetic updates. I was just dumb struck by these findings!😱


Just imagine using a mobile phone from 1980 with just some minor cosmetic changes in 2016. Now you see it right…that is exactly what is happening in the case of personal protection devices. We are in an age where we just can’t imagine using a cell phone with technology that is just 2 years old, why are we ok using PPD technology(devices for our own protection)from almost half a century or so ago?

The technology lover in me wasn’t ready to accept this fact, but the engineer in me couldn’t ignore the data that was clearly evident.This realization and passion for technology sparked an idea for an age appropriate PPD…Holor!


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A passionate engineer who loves to build next gen tech products and a compassionate individual who'd love to see the world full of wiser and empathetic earthlings!

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